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Former CMBC Director, Jeremy Jackson and CMBC Alumnus Christian Gustavson received Environmental awards (April 2014)

Acidity and rising temperatures have complex effects on coral reefs (February 2014)

Scientists call for new stewardship of the Deep Ocean :Earth's Last Frontier (February 2014)

Scripps Leads first global snapshot of Key Coral Reef Fishes (December 2013) 

Reefs counteract trend toward acidity at a cost (November 2013)

Students in Smith Lab test effects of Ocean Acidification (September 2013) 

Nikon USA features Dr. Octavio Aburto (September 2013)

Sardine Fishery Video (Priscila Parker & Octavio Aburto)

Appetite for Caviar Could See Paddlefish Suffer Sturgeon's Fate (Phaedra Doukakis - March 2013)

Effects of cold stress and heat stress on coral fluorescence in reef-building corals (Melissa Roth- March 2013 )

Vibrant mix of Marine Life found at Extreme Ocean Depths (Natasha Gallo- February 201 )

Obama Appoints MAS-MBC Grad to Key Post for Whale Conservation (10-23-12)

Student explores depths of the Bering Sea collaborating with Greenpeace  (7-25-12)

Science in search of earth's secrets JOIDES Resolution expedition (7-12)

San Diego Coastal Expedition explores cold seeps  (7-12)

Capstone Symposium for MAS-Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (6-12)

Seafloor Vent Ecology - Public radio interview with Lisa Levin (WAMC-5-3-12)

CMBC Comments on National Ocean Policy Implementation (by Lisa Levin and deep sea stewards)

CMBC plans for next decade of research (1-27-12)


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