Click the photo above to watch "Snapper Spawn."  A short film by CMBC Research Scientist, Brad Erisman, document the beauty of spawing  aggregations and importance of their conservation

CMBC Research Focus Areas

CMBC Publications Page

Download recent publications and presentations by CMBC students, faculty, and researchers.

New Research Projects

All projects under CMBC Focused Research Areas meet one or more of our research goals.  We encourage researchers at SIO and other UCSD departments to submit proposals for new projects to lead scientist Lisa Levin.

Shark Conservation. Led by Dr. Dan Cartamil.

Ocean Acidification Working Group.  Led by Dr. Jennifer Smith

Ocean Pollution Working Group.
Led by Dr. Amro Hamdoun
(Funding provided by Waitt Foundation for pollution study)

CMBC Research Goals

Patterns of Biodiversity: assessing species richness along gradients of human pressure; significance of food webs in biodiversity; and relationship biodiversity - ecosystem services - human health
Threats to Marine Biodiversity: status of marine ecosystems; impacts of past anthropogenic threats;  impacts of climate change and continuing anthropogenic impacts; and patterns of current and future extinctions.
Conservation of Marine Biodiversity: protocol for selecting priority conservation areas; experimental restoration; and modeling recovery


Students and faculty research

Project titles link to summaries, photos and more information

Resources for Researchers

Provides funding opportunities, links to research laboratories, recent publications of interest, fish identification databases, photo galleries, meetings and conferences, links to careers, and sites of interdisciplinary interest grouped by subject.

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