A view from the pier

Adventures of the Ruby Seadragon We were pleased to see our friend, Jim Toomey, feature the Ruby Seadragon in his Sherman’s Lagoon Comic Strip. http://comicskingdom.com/sherman-s-lagoon/2017-09-14 Adding to Ruby’s adventure, author J.K. Rowling commented on her twitter page: https://twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/819977601850703873?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Video of the Ruby Seadragon This is the video published in Rouse GW, Stiller J, Wilson NG. 2017. First live records of the … Read More

Protect Herbivores, Preserve Coral Reefs

Data from world’s first herbivore reserve suggests protection works to keep algae overgrowth in check. CMBC Researchers  predict that protection of seaweed-eating fish and invertebrates will help maintain the health of a Hawaiian coral reef by leveling the competition between fast-growing seaweed and slow-growing coral. Read More

100 Island Challenge

The goal of the 100 Island Challenge is to gain a holistic understanding of the current state and future trajectory of the world’s coral reefs by conducting a global assessment of coral reefs and the factors promoting or inhibiting their growth. This project is designed to provide a regional scale perspective of coral reefs, investigating spatially explicit patterns in community … Read More