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Every day, around the world, governments, companies, and organizations make decisions on the management of Earth’s ocean ecosystems. Often, these decisions are made in isolation from one another, by individuals who have little to no access to relevant, cutting-edge science. As the pace of global environmental change accelerates, leaders increasingly recognize the importance of leveraging expertise from a broad range of academics and practitioners. CMBC removes barriers between science, policy, and implementation by building trust through exchange of research findings and ideas across individuals and communities - for the benefit of our coast and ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them. Although our partners may relate to the ocean in entirely different ways, all share a reliance on its vitality, health, and capacity for life. 

Leveraging Collaborative Relationships

Scripps Institution of Oceanography is an international leader in earth and environmental research. We are faculty, students, and staff dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. 

Based at Scripps Oceanography, CMBC works with a variety of departments at UC San Diego, for unparalleled collaboration spanning science, engineering, business, economics, and the humanities. CMBC partners with external organizations, governments, and academics to leverage diverse expertise and talent for a lasting, positive impact on our coasts and ocean. 

The ocean needs all of us!

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