This is a 2 unit course (SIOB269 Interdisciplinary Forum) with a rotating faculty lead. All PIER students are required to take this course for credit three times as part of the specialization degree. PIER students are encouraged to participate when available for every quarter during the first 3 years of their academic career. 

IFER is a student-run forum to facilitate collaboration between students from different disciplines sharing a common interest in contemporary and historical environmental issues and how they intersect with social/economic/political networks. IFER students will set the goal for each academic year. Students collaborate with faculty to select various speakers with whom to host informal conversations that will provide insight, critical feedback, and constructive comments on the discussion topic.

Coordinators for 2020-2021
Jordan Dinardo (SIO)
Julia Chavarry (SIO)
Danielle McHaskell (SIO)

Coordinator in Training for 2021-2022
Joe Riley (Visual Arts)
Olivia Pereira (SIO)
Dante Capone (SIO)

Faculty leaders for 2020-2021
Fall -2020 – David Petersen (Anthropology)
Winter 2021- Erik Gartzke ( Political Science)
Spring 2021 – Jeff Bowman (SIO)

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