Tim caTimprofilered immensely about our planet, and sustainability was one goal that he felt humans could tangibly achieve every day. Even if passage of proper climate protection legislation was years away, Tim knew he could do his part day in and day out to help preserve the world that he treasured.  As one man, Tim could only affect so much change. But as one spirit, uniting us all in love and in inspiration, Tim can affect positive change that influences the hundreds here today and the thousands that he touched throughout his life.

The ten tips for personal environmental accountability is provided as a lasting legacy to his spirit and memory  (10 tips). Some of these actions may seem obvious to us. Some may seem tedious and feel, well, globally negligible. We may already do 90% of these things 90% of the time, but that’s not up to Tim’s standards. Tim believed in these small actions, and if we can each better ourselves daily in his image, we can contribute to the realization of Tim’s dreams.

Text is part of the eulogy delivered by John Francis Scanlon, May 18, 2011.