IFER – Interdisciplinary Forum on Environmental Research

This is a 2 unit course (SIOB269 Interdisciplinary Forum) with a rotating faculty lead. All PIER students are required to take this course for credit three times as part of the specialization degree. PIER students are encouraged to participate when available for every quarter during the first 3 years of their academic career.  IFER is a student-run forum to facilitate … Read More

Conservation – Personal Action

CMBC links to other internet sites recommended by our visitors and collaborators. We are not responsible for contents or privacy practices of those sites. Water Conservation EPA  Water Conservation – Fix a leak San Diego Public Utilities – Water Conservation Water Conservation – EVERY DROP COUNTS (Thanks to Tyler – GreenTeensClub) Recycling & Composting NEW… Composting for apartment dwellers (Thanks … Read More


Marine Biodiversity by its very nature is interdisciplinary. CMBC builds on the core strengths of Scripps scientists and integrates anthropology, art, ethics, economics, communications and political science into its education programs. PhD Training: Program for Interdisciplinary Education and Research — PIER Master of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation  — MAS-MBC Marine Biodiversity and Conservation — Resources for teachers, … Read More

Summer Graduate Student Boot camp

Introduction to Marine Biodiversity, Conservation, and Global Change The goal of this intensive 16 unit course is to provide a basic conceptual framework in marine biodiversity, conservation, and global change through the lenses of science, economics, business, governance, ethics, human behavior, and communications.  We strive to engage and challenge the students from the start with a broad overview of the … Read More

Marine Professional & Membership Organizations

These sites provide ways to help the marine environment and may provide fellowship and research funding to members. CMBC links to other internet sites but it is not responsible for contents or privacy practices of those sites. American Academy of Underwater Sciences The organization develops standards and programs for safe scientific diving for all those who engage in underwater research … Read More

The legacy of Tim Ray

Tim cared immensely about our planet, and sustainability was one goal that he felt humans could tangibly achieve every day. Even if passage of proper climate protection legislation was years away, Tim knew he could do his part day in and day out to help preserve the world that he treasured.  As one man, Tim could only affect so much … Read More

Ten tips for personal environmental accountability

As a legacy to the spirit and memory of Tim Ray and so we can help realize his dreams, CMBC presents below what you can do for personal environmental accountability.** 1. Compost. First and foremost is composting. Green waste too often ends up in landfills or gets burned as trash, and it’s completely unnecessary. Green waste can be deposited at … Read More

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation – Resources

Personal Conservation Action Links to: Water Conservation, Recycling, Composting and more For Educators Links to:  lesson plans, teaching guides, fact sheets, and videos For researchers & the public Links to Photo galleries, research reports, other data