Change Past & Present

In the last year, our research focused on the historical reconstruction of fish communities in the deep sea and Caribbean reefs. Both efforts are aimed at evaluating how productive marine ecosystems were before we started to fish them, and to look at the ecological structure of fish communities in the absence of human habitat modification. To support our work on … Read More

Ocean Acidification

Carbon dioxide emissions are resulting in increased concentrations of CO2 in the world’s oceans. What does CO2 from air pollution do to ocean life? Coral reefs, shellfish and other marine life are unable to form shells, bones and exoskeletons.  When any marine species is harmed, that leads to problems with other species in the Earth’s food web. Ocean acidification is … Read More

Shark and Elasmobranch Conservation

Protecting sharks from population decline has never been more important. Shark researcher Andy Nosal, a recent CMBC graduate,  is now Birch Aquarium’s  DeLaCour Postdoctoral Fellow for Ecology & Conservation.  He seeks to reduce the threats such as overfishing, finning, and negative public perception facing these essential marine predators. Sharks migrating between California and Baja California, Mexico, are threatened by commercial … Read More

Coastal California Biodiversity

California Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation group is engaged in research that affects our local communities and marketplace. Continuing research in this area: Citizen Science Portal – NEW -(led by Dr. Phil Hastings). To understand the biodiversity of fish species in La Jolla using collection data and observations from citizen scientists.Hastings et al 2014 Fishes of La Jolla & MPAs Fish … Read More

Biodiversity and Human Impacts

Responding to human-caused emerging issues of local and global importance, these research group seek solutions across all disciplines: Marine Biodiversity Coral Reefs and Pacific Atolls Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative Contaminants and Ocean Health