About CMBC

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC) integrates biological, physical, and social science with educational approaches to maintain the integrity of ocean ecosystems and manage their use in the face of rapid and inevitable global change.


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Increase scientific understanding of the structure, function and diversity of marine and coupled human socio-economic systems. 

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Train the next generation of marine scholars, policy makers and citizens conversant in the disciplines at the intersection of physical science and biological sciences with social science/humanities.

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Increase public understanding of science, social and economic drivers of marine ecosystem change and provide sound scientific analyses to policy makers.

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Provide leadership roles in campus-wide, national and international integration across disciplines, institutions and society. Facilitate knowledge exchange, promote mutual understanding, and leverage differences to promote creativity.

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Design technically sophisticated, regionally appropriate strategies for marine conservation. Understand the obstacles we face in driving behavioral change in environmental decision-making and how to overcome them.



We create and leverage opportunities for open exchange of ideas and mutual learning. Our workshops and visiting scholar programs provide opportunities to harness diverse theories and methods to help tackle the ocean’s challenges.


We open the doors of the university and the research community to society at large. Our core student training programs are augmented by short courses (both in-person and online) and public events to reach greater numbers of changemakers.


Shared experiences and perspectives are the building blocks of trust. Exchange and access activities, complemented by sustained contact, reinforce a culture of learning and action.


CMBC was founded in 2001 to promote a holistic, interdisciplinary approach between the natural and social sciences to educate future leaders and advance research in marine biodiversity and conservation.

Over the past two decades we have built revolutionary graduate training programs, hosted countless workshops and conferences, and produced innovative and transformative programming and research. 

CMBC is uniquely positioned to lead and innovate in the next two decades of ocean conservation research, training, and partnerships - matching the complexity of world natural-human systems with a diversity of thought and expertise.