CMBC was established to coordinate the efforts of like minded faculty, researchers, students and partners in a variety of disciplines. All CMBC participants believe in the importance of interdisciplinary, education, communication for broad public awareness, and cooperation to ensure the future health of our marine resources for future generations.

  • Faculty and Researchers: A list of all CMBC participants with their research interests, phone contact and links to their email and website(s).

  • Affiliated and Visiting Scholars

  • Staff:  A list of the small group responsible for implementing CMBC programs and activities. The Marine Biology Research Division provides additional administrative support and fiscal oversight.

  • Partners: A list of the the growing number of organizations involved with CMBC programs and our students with links to their URL.

  • Students:  lists all CMBC PhD and MAS students and graduates from both programs



Created by founding director Nancy Knowlton, our logo conveys humans as part of the marine environment.    Understanding that connection makes us more aware of our impact on marine ecosystems.