Core Leadership

Stuart Sandin Director  / Pacific Atolls and Coral Reefs Research
Greg Rouse Associate Director / Director Benthic Invertebrates Collection
Richard Norris Education Director / Climate Change Past and Present Research
Lisa Levin Director Emeritus / Deep Ocean Stewardship
Allison Kellum CMBC Operations Coordinator / Administration

Leadership Team Steering Committee Members

Octavio Aburto-Oropeza Gulf of California Program
Raquel Benguist SIO Development
Kara Wiggin PhD Student / Student Representative
Ron Burton Population Genetics evolutionary biology
Richard Carson Natural Resource Economics & Environmental Valuation
Ayelet Gneezy Market, Consumer Behavior – Rady School of Management
Mark Jacobsen Economics of climate change; environmental policy instruments
Sarah Mesnick social and molecular ecology of marine mammals/ Sustainable Local Seafood/ NOAA Fisheries Representative
Samantha Murray MAS MBC Program Director
Brice Semmens Coastal California Research
Long-Term Ecological Research in the California Current (LTER)
Jennifer Smith Ocean Acidification Research
George Sugihara market mechanisms for marine conservation
Mary Yang Community Representative

Visiting Scholars

Lyall Bellquist
Sept 2017 – August 2022
The Nature Conservancy, fisheries management & policy
Katie Cramer
January 2020 – August 2022
University of Arizona
Paleobiology research

Faculty & Researchers

Name Research Interest/Lab link Office contact
Allen, Andrew Microbiology & genomics
Andersson, Andreas Marine CO2 & carbonate geochemistry
Andersson Research Facebook
Azam, Farooq Microbial Oceanography
Barlow, Jay Marine Mammal Acoustics SWFSC
Baumann-Pickering, Simone Behavioral acoustic ecology
Bowman, Jeff Marine Microbiology
Braswell, Geoffrey Anthropology – society political & economic systems; Mesoamerican Archaeology
Callender, Craig Philosophy & Ethics
Cartamil, Dan Shark Research Consortium
Cartwright, Lisa Communications in health & medicine, media & film studies
Cayan, Dan Global-regional climate & hydrologic changes
Charles, Chris Paleooceanography/climatology
Checkley, David Ecology of zooplankton
Choy, Anela deep-sea biology, pelagic ecology, marine food webs
Csordas Thomas Anthropology
Cornelius, Wayne  Political Science
Cornuelle, Bruce Ocean circulation, acoustic remote sensing
Cowhey, Peter International Political economy & biological threats
Cruz, Edwin (Teddy)  Visual Arts
Day, James Geoscience Research -Earth Chemistry
Dayton, Paul
Marine conservation & policy; ecology
Davis, Zeinabu Irene Communication & filmmaking
Deheyn, Dimitri Marine Biology and Biotechnology
Dorr, Kirstie  Ethnic Studies
Dorrestein Pieter Chemistry of Microbes
Driscoll, Neal Sea-level fluctuations, geoscience
Dutton, Peter Marine Turtle Genetics NOAA SWFSC
Eddebbar, Yassir International Climate science
Erie, Steven – Emeritus Public Policy, minority politics
Evans, Ivan Sociology of the Environment
Evans, John Sociology of Culture, Bioethics
Flick, Ron Instrumentation and innovation
Fowler, James  Political Science – Global public health
Franks, Peter Phytoplankton ecology
 Gartzke, Erik Political Science
Forman, Fonna Political Science – Center on Global Justice
Fowler, James Political Science & Medicine
Garg, Teeverat Economics & management – School of Global Policy and Strategy
Gee, Jeff geomagnetic field variations
Gerrodette, Tim Cetacean assessment, management & conservation
Gibson, Clark Environmental politics- International Studies 
Giddings, Sarah Estuarine/coastal ocean interactions
Gneezy, Ayelet Conservation and Human Behavioral Science; Corporate responsibility
Goldfarb, Brian Media, technology and communication
Graff-Zivin, Josh Economics & societal decision-making
Groves, Ted (Emeritus) Environmental & Resource Economics
Hamdoun, Amro Environment and Human Health
Haydu, Jeff  Sociology
Hechinger, Ryan Parasites in the ecosystem
Hewitt,Roger acoustics surveys of whales, seals, penguins and seabirds  NOAA SWFSC
Hildebrand, John Noise impacts on marine mammal & population census w/acoustics
Iacobellis, Sam air-sea interactions & climate modeling
Jensen, Paul microbiology
Jolivette, Andre Ethnic Studies
Kacev, Dovi Shark ecology, conservation
Kay, Isabelle Academic Coordinator Natural Reserve System
Keeling, Ralph global climate cycle; paleoclimate
Kennel, Charlie Global environmental science, intersection of science and policy
Kousser, Thad Political science
Koslow, (Tony) Julian -Emeritus Deep-sea conservation, seamount ecology, fisheries management
Krishnan, Vish New product development & process innovation
Lake, David International Relations & Political Economy
Leichter, James Ecology & oceanography of coastal systems
McCord, Gordon Economic development & environment
McDonald, Christian Dive Safety Officer
McIntosh, Craig development economics – program evaluation & policy impacts
Mesnick, Sarah social and molecular ecology of marine mammals NOAA SWFSC
Mitchell, Greg Center for algal biotechnology
Morin, Phil marine mammal genetics & conservation NOAA SWFSC
Nosal, Andrew movement ecology of sharks University of San Diego
Ohman, Mark curator – pelagic invertebrate collection
Peach, Cheryl new initiatives in education and outreach Birch Aquarium
Pedersen, David sociocultural anthropology
Perrin, William systematics and ecology of cetaceans NOAA SWFSC
Rivera-Collazo, Isabelle Anthropology – coastal human population adaptation to climate change
Send, Uwe Ocean-climate interactions, CO2 uptake
Severinghaus, Jeff pleistocene global carbon cycle – ice cores
Schoeninger, Margaret Behavior and ecological reconstruction
Schkade, David Decision making, public policy, environment, and law
Shurin, Jonathan Community and ecosystem ecology in aquatic environments
Staulbam, Brett  Visual Arts
Streeby, Shelly Ethnic Studies and Literature 
Squires, Dale natural resource, environmental, and fisheries economics, productivity, regulation NOAA SWFSC
Stocks, Karen marine biogeography, seamount ecology
Taylor, Barbara recovery factors for endangered marine mammals NOAA SWFSC
Taylor, Jennifer Environmental adaptations and evolution of crustacean exoskeleton
Tresguerres, Martin aquaculture, biofuels & evolution
Vacquier, Vic
fertilization in marine invertebrates
Vetter, Russ fish genetics and aquaculture NOAA SWFSC
Victor, David  Global Policy and Society 
Wang, Wayne  Ethnic Studies
Welchman, John Visual Arts
Willenbring, Jane how landscapes are affected by tectonics, climate change, and life
Williams, Alena  Visual Arts
Yoldas, Pinar  Visual Arts
Zmarzly, Debbie Birch Aquarium

Associated Researchers

Sara McDonald

South Carolina Aquarium,  Director of Conservation
Nick Obradovich Fellow for Human-Environmental Systems
Nadia Rubio Fellow for Coastal Ecosystem Services
Michael Tillman Research Associate – Marine Mammals