Congratulations to the MAS MBC class of 2019

On June 11, the twenty-five students in this year’s Master of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation presented their capstone reports.
  • Diving Local, Thinking Global: Can Dive Professionals Contribute to Climate Change Literacy?
  • When the Water Comes, Where Does the Money Go? An Economic Analysis of Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding in Long Beach, CA
  • Breathing Deep: Examining Shortfin Mako and Blue Shark Movements in Relation to the Southern California Bight oxygen minimum zone
  • Illegal fishing, seafood slavery, satellites, and international treaties: Tracking refrigerated cargo vessels to inform the FAO’s Agreement on Port State Measures
  • Key Conservation: Empowering Hope. A Mobile Platform for the Scientific Community to Engage in Global Conservation Solutions
  • Big Fish in a Small Plate: A Bigeye’s Journey Toward a Head-to-Tail Utilization in San Diego
  • And more! 

If you missed the event, the recordings will be posted when they are available on the CMBC Youtube channel