Discovery of Deep-Sea Dwellers

Photo by Greg Rouse

Four new species of iridescent scale worms described.

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According to the BLM network website, the organization has more than a dozen active chapters, including those in Boston, Chicago, Washington, and Detroit, as well as Canada. The youngest branch is in South Bend, Indiana. The foundation told AP that it has received over 1.1 million individual donations an average of $ 33 since Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. The rise in financial support added about $ 3.4 million in net assets to the $ 3.3 million BLM Global Network had last year. This follows from the 2019 financial report of Thousand Currents, a financial trustee who receives donations on behalf of the global network and then pays money to the group. Interestingly, this same organization – Thousand Streams – sponsors other programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America.