Salty Cinema: (In)visible, June 2023

Graphic that reads: "Salty cinema presents (In)visible: Expanding our oceanic vision through art + science" over a teal background of scuba goggles and coral.

The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC) held our Spring Salty Cinema, Thursday, June 1st.

Every Fall and Spring quarter, CMBC holds Salty Cinema, a community event that showcases ocean-themed films and highlights the importance of ocean connections. Salty Cinema is organized by students, who are given the opportunity to screen a film of their own making. After the films are viewed, a moderator and panel proceed in a lively discussion about the films, while answering questions from the audience.

This Spring's Salty Cinema, (In)visible: Expanding our Oceanic Vision Through Art+Science, discussed how art and science are shaping the future of our oceans. To see what films were shown and our very incredible panelists, check out the pictures below! Our Spring Salty Cinema also featured artwork from the following artists: Kenan Chan, Jessica-Kendall Bar, Oriana Pointdexter, Holly Rindge, Océane Boulais, and Dante Capone. 

We had an amazing turnout and were excited to see many new (and old) visitors. A recording of the event will be published on our YouTube channel later in July.

Graphic separated into three sections vertically, with images from the films Mapping the Reef: Cloudbreak, The Ocean Solution, and The Forest Stands Tall (from left to right).
Graphic separated into three sections vertically, with images from the films Hybrids, Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic, and The Vanishing Invisible Forest (from left to right).
Graphic with images of panelists Jessica Kendall-Bar, Oriana Poindexter, Megan Dickerson, Cliff Kapono, and moderator Lisa Cartwright (clockwise from top).