Visiting Scholar Explores Tidepools, You Can Too!

Image of mussels and barnacles in a tidepool.

Gabrielle Rancifer, a recent graduate from Northwestern University where she obtained her masters in journalism, was a visiting scholar with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and CMBC this past spring. Ms. Rancifer created many engaging media pieces while at Scripps, which we are continuing to spotlight.
In an interactive photo essay titled “Tidepooling: Nature is our greatest teacher,” Rancifer wrote about the benefits of ocean tidepooling, noting that many Scripps ecologists and biologists recommend it as a valuable way to build a connection to the ocean. She also offers an explanation of tidepooling for those who are new or unfamiliar with the activity. Rancifer’s piece also features tips and observations from Scripps masters student Michelle Guraieb and MAS MBC graduate Patricia Clark.

Read Gabrielle Rancifer’s essay “Tidepooling: Nature is our greatest teacher”
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Two women, Patricia and Gabrielle, in the tidepools.

Anemone and mussels in the tidepools.

Photo of two women, Gabrielle and Patricia, standing next to each other on the beach.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Rancifer, 2023.