Week 1 at the Conference of the Parties (November 5-12, 2016)

The SIO-CMBC team at COP22

The SIO-CMBC team at COP22

CMBC was well represented during week 1, by CMBC Director Lisa Levin, former SIO Director Charles Kennel, and CMBC students Yassir Eddebbar, Rishi Sugla,  Kirk Sato and Natalya Gallo, along with many others from SIO including V. Ramanathan, Todd Martz, Dillon Amayo, Osinachi Oajoku, Travis Schramek, Wes Neely and Brittany Hook. There was a whirlwind of activity and much uncertainty following the US election.

Some of CMBC’s key activities included:

  • Design and presentation of SIO’s booth in the official exhibit hall that highlights SIO observations. This is the first time the UC Revelle Delegation (SIO) has had its own booth.sio-cop22-booth
  • 4 press conferences – these addressed:
  • (i) Inclusion of the ocean in nationally determined contributions (NDCs – Parties emission reduction declarations) led by N. Gallo with L. Levin and negotiators from the Seychelles and Chile on Nov. 8
  • (ii)           The ocean warming hiatus by C. Kennel and D. Amayo on Nov. 9
  • (iii)          Climate and the deep oceans led by L. Levin with N. Gallo, K. Sato, Dimitri Kalentichenko and Francoise Gaill on Nov. 10
    deep-ocean-climate-press-conference(iv)          Ocean observing and the Argo program by T. Martz and Y. Eddebbar, Nov. 11
    • Two talks at the US Center by Y. Eddebbar (Climate and Ocean Circulation) and N. Gallo (Ocean Deoxygenation)

    yassir-speaking-on-ocean-circulation natalya-ocean-deoxygenation

    • Visits to Party negotiators from countries that did not include the ocean in their NDCs (we talked with representatives from the US, EU, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Brazil, Pakistan, Canada and Norway). Our discussions raised awareness about the ocean and its potential roles in mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.
    Natalya Gallo with Mauritania Representative

    Natalya Gallo with Mauritania Representative

    • Presentation on ocean inclusion in the SIDS NDCs by N. Gallo on Oceans Action Day (Nov. 12) in the Small Island Developing States session, Morocco Pavillion (blue zone).


    • Participation in the Global Youth Climate Pact panels, Public (green) zone – by L. Levin, K. Sato and D. Amayo on Nov. 7.
    • Presentation on the deep ocean in the Ocean and Climate Platform Science Forum in the public (green) zone on Nov. 11.


    • Collaboration with Paris Agreement.org by K. Sato to help track negotiation progress.

    With the hundreds individual conversations held with other COP 22 attendees,  we have been busy raising the global profile of SIO, CMBC and the ocean!