History and Success

CMBC was established in May 2001 to promote a holistic, interdisciplinary approach in the education of future leaders in marine biodiversity and conservation and in research to find better ways to effectively interface between the natural and social sciences. Leadership Our thanks to founding Director Dr. Nancy Knowlton (2001 – 2007) and Dr. Jeremy Jackson (2007 – 2011) for their … Read More


The Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (CMBC)  seeks to remedy the impact that humans have on marine ecosystems and, in turn, help the oceans continue to feed, employ, and nourish humans and all life on Earth.   Goals: Investigation: Assess the state of marine ecosystems now and in the past and develop predictive models for the future Education: Train … Read More

CMBC at a Glance

Why is the CMBC successful? It meets a broad need: students, researchers, and friends of CMBC strive to solve real-world problems. The program is genuinely interdisciplinary: courses are co-taught by faculty from NOAA Fisheries, UCSD Departments of Economics,  Philosophy,  Graduate School of Global Policy and Society, and Rady School of Management. Other participating departments UCSD include Communications, Anthropology, Political Science, … Read More